歌曲 专辑 时长
Sound Of Silence 03:26
The Sound of Silence(Album Version) The Collection 03:05
Scarborough Fair/Canticle(Album Version) 03:11
The Sound of Silence (Overdubbed Version) The Complete Studio Albums Collection 03:05
You Better Mind 02:31
Heartstruck Sorrow 04:08
Memory 04:31
Trouble Maker 03:39
Black 03:24
爱情会来吗 03:52
J'ai voyagé avec le vent Adieu jolie Candy 02:55
La fille de mes rêves Adieu jolie Candy 02:59
Teen Age Fool 02:48
It Means a Lot 02:10
Play Me a Sad Song 02:11
Shock(Extended Version) 04:36
The Sound Of Silence 03:05
El Condor Pasa (If I Could) 03:08
Planetary Communication Planetary Communication EP 06:23
About To See You Planetary Communication EP 04:55
New Basics Planetary Communication EP 04:32
Scarborough Fair / Canticle(Single Version) The Complete Studio Albums Collection 06:20
A Great Effect The Complete Studio Albums Collection 04:05
Adieu jolie Candy Adieu jolie Candy 03:06
Pardonne-moi Adieu jolie Candy 02:47
Butterfly Adieu jolie Candy 02:42
Luxembourg Adieu jolie Candy 02:59
Une fille comme ça Adieu jolie Candy 03:06
Si tu veux de moi Adieu jolie Candy 02:33
Les filles n'aiment pas les tambours Adieu jolie Candy 03:05
Je veux t'aimer Adieu jolie Candy 02:49
Près de toi Adieu jolie Candy 02:15
Après minuit Adieu jolie Candy 02:37
La pluie ne tombait pas Adieu jolie Candy 02:50
En ski ou en ski-doo Adieu jolie Candy 02:15
Le plombier mélomane Adieu jolie Candy 03:20
Monsieur le robot Adieu jolie Candy 02:56
Encore un autre soir Adieu jolie Candy 02:32
Rose Of Aberdeen(Demo) Sounds Of Silence 01:58
Angie The Origins 02:19
Baby Talk 02:04
Cry, Little Boy, Cry 02:32
Go Tell It On The Mountain(Album Version) Wednesday Morning 3.A.M 02:05
Summer Paradise(None) 04:00
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream 02:06
Go Tell It On The Mountain 02:01
Benedictus 02:34
You Can Tell The World 02:41
Peggy-O 02:20